A Call To A Special Life Transforming Service

The OPERATION ENDEAVOR M99s+ include highly skilled and self-motivated professionals who desire to go to some of the most challenging regions of the world to improve survivability of global populations, and bring hope to men, women and children who suffer from the inequities of extreme poverty, trauma, disease, and lack of rescue and emergency medical services.

Are you considering service with the M99+ teams?

Here are the questions to discern if you wish to be deployed globally:
  • Do you believe that you are being called to serve humanity in some of the most challenging situations and remote locations of the world?
  • Do you have a desire to serve with a team that uses a rigorous strategic and tactical model for conducting mission operations to ensure safety and effectiveness?
  • Are you able to sustain transport in a range of aircraft, off-road land vehicles, and sea/water boats in variable conditions of weather, turbulence and rough conditions for extended intervals of multiple hours?
  • Do you maintain a functional level of physical fitness that will enable you to tolerate extremes of heat and weather, as well as deployments to difficult regions that require physical effort, load carrying and navigation of challenging terrain and waterways?
  • Do you have the psychological stability to operate in areas of extreme poverty where people suffer and struggle for survival?
  • Are you concerned about exposure to illness and disease in the developing world where poor sanitation and infectious disease are significant factors?
  • Are you motivated to serve yourself, or are you motivated to serve others?
  • Are you willing to go into areas beset by disaster, extreme poverty, or into areas where populations have been displaced?
  • Will your family and loved ones support your decision to deploy on mission, or will there be undue burden of anxiety, fear and separation?
  • Are you willing to accept the risks of deployment for the reward of serving others and possibly improving the lives and survival of those you serve?

If you discern that you are being called to serve with the OPERATION ENDEAVOR M99 Teams, please complete the information below. We will be in communication with you to help you progress to the next step in your application process, and your journey toward life transforming service.

We are recruiting a spectrum of professionals including, but not limited to:
  • Paramedics
  • EMTs and Wilderness First Responders
  • Firefighter Rescue Specialists
  • MDs
  • DOs
  • Surgery
  • OB/GYNs
  • PA-C
  • RNs

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