OE-0002 - January 2016 - SAF II - Caribbean Sector - Haiti - Southern Department

  • On 26 Jan 2016, we will launch the 2nd OPERATION ENDEAVOR deployment (OE-0002)
  • GLOBAL DEVGROUP II will return to Haiti to conduct CPR training operations in Les Cayes and Basic Rescuer/AED training with residents on the island of Ile a Vache - an island 9 nautical miles off of the southern coastline of Haiti with a limited medical clinic and approximately 12,000 civilians.
  • Deployed team members of GLOBAL DEVGROUP II are:
    • Hirsch - Mission Officer in Command (MOIC)
    • Atwell - 2nd MOIC
    • Shamah
    • Keating
    • Cote
    • Roy
  • Mission Control Team (OE-MCT)
    • Brady
    • Silver
  • We will be conducting a briefing this week for members of GLOBAL DEVGROUP II to review the mission.

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