"Operation Wings of Eagles"
OE-0004 - October 2016 - SAF II - Caribbean Sector - Haiti - Southern Department

Mission Team 4 launched a special 36-hour airlift mission in partnership with JET911 (www.FlyJet911.com) to load emergency medical supplies in the JET911 donated Gulfstream G200 aircraft to rapidly move a team of Emergency Disaster Physicians and Paramedics to the hurricane zone. Once on deck in Port Au Prince, we used an MAF Quest Kodiak, C-207 and C-206 to move 4,000lbs of lifesaving medications, equipment and a 12-man rescue team to Les Cayes, Haiti. We then utilized boat transport to move the team to the remote island of Ile A Vache, where we conducted clinic operations in the villages of Caille Coq and Madame Bernard. The team treated over 600 men, women and children, many of who were suffering from acute pneumonia in the aftermath of the hurricane, and helped to pre-stage supplies for the follow through missions.

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