Rotary Water Project and Rescuer Training
OE-0021 - October 2017 - SAF 2 - Caribbean - Haiti - Cap Haitien

On this joint mission with Rotary, OpEndev, Gift Of Water and Wings Of Michael S.A.R., the teams deployed to Cap Haitien, Haiti to accomplish Rescuer training for 25 candidates at the University of LaFerriere and to facilitate distribution of the 1,000 Gift Of Water water filtration systems to families in extreme need in the Fort Saint Michel region and other areas of urban Cap Haitien. Assessment of the local hospital infrastructure was completed to facilitate ongoing discussions in partnering to improve the 911 system with volunteer teams of First Responders. Strategic meetings were also conducted with Rotary teams to ensure that the Global Grant Clean Water project remained on target for completion. To see the GOW water filtration systems, go this this link:

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