The Mission

OPERATION ENDEAVOR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit missioned to provide direct support for public health and safety, EMS system development, and disaster response in developing and under-served regions, domestic and abroad, while providing training in rescue, emergency medicine, and trauma care. Our special focus is on populations facing healthcare disparity and untimely death from traumatic injury, disease, disaster, war refugee displacement, extreme poverty, and lack of available resources. Our goal is to improve survivability, and thereby affirm the spirit, worth, and dignity of those we serve utilizing these four pillars:

Develop training solutions in support of lifesaving, customized to the needs of the populations in extreme need in the global Strategic Areas of Focus (SAF).

Deploy highly skilled teams operating with Incident Command System-derived methodology, coupled with Team Resource Management, to mitigate risk and achieve mission objectives safely and effectively in environments of high variability.

Train and advise volunteers and indigenous professionals in the development of lifesaving skills, and strengthen the existing systems through collaboration.

Transform regions beset by a lack of lifesaving services by effectively improving and promoting survivability and stability of life...So That Others Will Live.


Global SAF - Strategic Areas of Focus:

  • USA Disaster Response
  • New York: EMS Education and System Development
  • Cap Haitien, Haiti: Rescuer Training, Gift of Water Program Support
  • Ile A Vache, Haiti: Rescuer Training, Healthcare Improvement
  • Nicaragua: Rescuer Training, Healthcare Improvement
  • Puerto Rico: Ongoing Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Operations


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SAF 1 - North America - New York - Sullivan County EMS CQI Program

The overarching mission of the program is to create an ongoing process through in which all levels of health care are encouraged to team together to develop and enhance the EMS system in Sullivan County.

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