"Nutrition/Feeding Support"
OE-0010 - March 2017 - SAF III - Central America Sector - Nicaragua - Northern Atlantic Region - Puerto Cabezas

Mission Team 10 was a special mission to support nutrition/feeding support for the Verbo Community in Puerto Cabezas, Northeastern Nicaragua. OPERATION ENDEAVOR coordinated with Verbo Operations to insert 'Team Heron' - restaurant crew from upstate New York (www.theheronrestaurant.com) to provide nutrition/feeding services for 160 orphans and 1200 men, women and children in the impoverished area of Caminante. OpEndev also inserted Dr. Gabriela Siero, DDS to provide much-needed dental services for the orphanage and Caminante Feeding Center.

OpEndev and Verbo leadership met with the Medical Director of the Puerto Cabezas hospital to develop a systematic approach to EMS/Rescue development in the greater Puerto Cabezas region by expanding training for the Verbo Salubrista program, advanced Trauma and Emergency Medicine training for medical providers and staff at the hospital, and trauma stabilization training for the four remote riverine clinics along the Rio Coco Northern border region with Honduras. Additionally, the team was requested to coordinate ongoing training for regional SCUBA divers who are recruited to dive for seafood commercially, but lack adequate training. This leads to a high incidence of decompression sickness and injuries for the divers. The hospital is the center for emergency hyperbaric treatment.

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