"Nutrition/Feeding Support"
OE-0011 - April 2017 - SAF II - Caribbean Sector - Haiti - Northern Department - Cap Haitien

Mission Team 11 continued the support for the Clean Water Filtration project with Rotary of Liberty, New York, Rotary of Cap Haitien, and Gift Of Water to provide 1,000 water systems to 1,000 families in urban areas of extreme impoverishment with limited access to potable water.

OPERATION ENDEAVOR had previously developed and employed a health metrics assessment tool to establish baseline health and historic water procurement practices for the recipient families. The OpEndev Team 11 crew performed additional baseline assessments for recipient families that received the systems.

A secondary tool will be utilized in ongoing monthly assessments by the Haitian GOW (Gift of Water) Technicians to track variations in health and incidence of disease.

OPERATION ENDEAVOR provided coordination of all air and ground transportation, as well as safety, security and Emergency Medical support for the deployed Rotary personnel and associated assets. All mission targets were achieved.

Leadership for Mission Team 11 included Stu Hirsch, MOIC (Mission Officer In Command) and Al Shamah, 2nd MOIC. Mission Specialists included Charles 'Lee' Miller (OpEvndev/Rotary) and Gary Silver (OpEndev/Rotary)

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