"Rescuer Training"
OE-0012 - June 2017 - SAFII - Caribbean Sector - Haiti - Northern Department - Cap Haitien

Mission Team 12 was a special beta test for a new mission profile for a 4-man/4 day Rescuer training Operation. The team proved a paradigm for inserting an instructor team to work with indigenous volunteers to conduct two days of intensive training in the OpEndev Basic Rescuer Program. This mission profile maximized the effectiveness and efficiency of the crew, and performed training for 26 candidates from the University of LaFerriere in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

The team utilized training tools and presentations that were translated into Haitian Creole and leveraged the participation of skilled translators to impart knowledge and create a dynamic and interactive learning atmosphere.

The content of the Basic Rescue Training focused on Safety, Assessment of Illness and Traumatic Injury, Prioritization of Care, Massive Hemorrhage Control, Airway Protection, Fracture Stabilization and Transport of the Sick and Injured to Definitive Care. All mission targets were achieved.

From a cultural and historical note, the team had the opportunity to explore and appreciate the northern Haiti history of the 'Boukanye' - the Buccaneer Pirates who based their Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico operations on the Northern Haitian island of Tortuga. This history is a center of pride for Haitians in the Northern Department. Team 12 adopted this colorful history as their official team motto: "Boukanye - Death Another Day!" - as a tribute to teaching lifesaving in areas with no formal EMS systems.

Leadership for Mission Team 11 included Stu Hirsch, MOIC (Mission Officer In Command) and Al Shamah, 2nd MOIC. Mission Specialists included EMS Instructors Charles 'Lee' Miller and Thomas 'Tommy' Andryshak. Rotarian and LaFerriere University Board member, Fanfan Joseph, provided superlative support for all phases of operations in Cap Haitien.

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