"Domestic TCCC Training"
OE-0013 - July 2017 - SAF I - North America - USA - Connecticut

Special Board Advisors, Leadership and members of OPERATION ENDEAVOR had been working collaboratively through their professional affiliations with Saint Mary's Hospital and Trauma Center, East Coast Tactical Medicine LLC, and King 33 LLC Public Safety Training, to bring one of the most dynamic and intensive Tactical Combat Casualty Care Programs (TCCC) to the domestic United States region of Connecticut.

TCCC was first developed and proven in the Special Operations arena in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters to improve survivability for war fighting battle wounds incurred by IED blasts and high velocity bullet wounds. Israel has developed special techniques and pioneering technology in this realm of war fighting medicine as well.

The TCCC program mates excellent tactical decision making with excellent lifesaving medical interventions, thus giving Providers the tools needed to render critically vital care to victims of terror, sectarian violence, and active shooter scenarios while ensuring optimum threat suppression and survivability for the Rescuer teams. Interventions focus on Care Under Fire, C.A.T (Combat Application Tourniquet), Massive Hemorrhage Control, Barotrauma management, Airway Protection, Fracture Stabilization, Fluid Resuscitation, Movement and Evac.

In this event, OpEndev President Stu Hirsch worked alongside Special Board Advisors Dr. Scott Whyte, TCCC Tactical Physician and SWAT team member, and Daniel 'Danny' Devlin - Green Beret with the 19th Special Forces Group, to launch this TCCC Program in Waterbury and Southington, CT. The team conducted two days of didactic training, following the NAEMT guidelines for the approved program at Saint Mary's Hospital and Trauma Center in Waterbury, CT. The third tactical practicum day was conducted at the King 33 operation where students underwent intensive training evolutions with active shooter simulations and Mass Casualty Incident scenarios. 12 students graduated from the program with their TCCC certifications. More programs will be scheduled for 2017 and beyond.

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